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TPMS for Semi Trucks, RVs, Mining Equipment, Cars, Motorcycles, Motorsport & More.
The Ultimate in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, Totally Wireless. Installs in minutes.

TALON Systems Lead the Way.
The HawksHead TALON 22 wheel, TALON X-TREME 38 wheel and TALON 6 BI MODE systems offer the best in real time after market tire pressure monitoring systems at a realistic price. We have one of the largest model selections in North America. We also offer earth friendly innovative systems such as our Solar Impulse powered by the Sun and our ECO Friendly Sensors
Other Systems
If you are buying a piece of safety equipment, ensure you are getting what you purchased from a genuine TPMS Company.  With a genuine HawksHead System available directly from us or one of our authorized dealers you get a quality product with our famous Toll Free Support Line in the USA and Canada. Our Core business is Tire Pressure Monitoring and we do not sell other products unrelated to TPMS.
When you pay a super low price for a product on Amazon or other online sites, generally there is no support.  Should you purchase these products and then have issues, HawksHead will not be able to provide support or assistance.
If it’s a HawksHead genuine purchased product we are here to help any time.
With the latest style sensors all with replaceable batteries, these TPMS systems work well for many applications from Semi Trucks to RVs,  Motorcycles and more. Different models are available for Mining and Heavy equipment that require large bore sensors. The TALON 22 and 38 Systems offer features such as trailer drop and Drop and Hook features for Truck Fleets. All systems offer user adjustable alarms and measure Pressure as well as Temperature to ensure such issues as dragging brakes, wheel bearing issues can be notified to the driver. The innovative YARD MASTER Hand Held TPMS reader integrates into the TALON family for instant Point & Shoot pressures and Temperature reading along with Parked Trailer set-up. Our products are used worldwide. These systems are designed for fast installation and ease of use and come with the Famous HawksHead Factory warranty and toll free factory support.

Why buy a HawksHead TPMS ?
Consider the advantages of purchasing a HawksHead Systems TPMS
Having a TPMS gives you peace of mind. We all know that correct tire pressures reduce tire wear, save on fuel and help with climate change.
Helps keep your vehicle and passengers safe by advance warnings of major tire deflations, over pressure and temperature.
Save money with replaceable battery sensors. Use the latest technology with high powered sensors
Easy installation with helpful videos
If the tire starts to deflate there is a good chance you will catch it before major damage due to tire delamination.
Can be used on virtually any vehicle with tire information directly to the drivers seat.
Our customers report that they have saved many dollars from saving tires that would probably have  been destroyed without the system, whilst giving them peace of mind
Truck Fleets can save time on pre trip inspections and stop spreading deflated tires across the highway thus adding saved dollars to their bottom line.
RV owners know what their tow or towed vehicle tires are doing, simply by looking at a monitor on the dash.
Systems for Semi Trucks, RVs, Travel Trailers, Cars, Motorcycles,
Sensors have replaceable batteries and Monitors have their own power pack so they can be used as a wireless tire pressure gauge


Semi Truck Tire Pressure Monitor for 22 or 38 wheel Trucks

HawksHead chosen for Solar Teams
HawksHead Systems are proud to supply product and be associated with the University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Team and the University of Calgary Axiom Solar Team.
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