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Introducing Talon 6 Bi-Mode

This system offers a Bi-Mode Display with a maximum of 6 wheels

This means the system can handle either 4 or 6 wheels and constantly display both Pressure and Temperature on one screen.

If you don't really need 22 wheel display and wish to see both pressures and temperatures on one screen,with high powered sensors, this is the one, unique to HawksHead.

The Talon 6 Bi-Mode can use any of the Talon sensors which gives you an option of Cap or Large Bore Cap making the system suitable for 4 wheel travel trailers and other 4 wheel Vehicles/Trailers. Motorhomes with 6 wheels, Trucks with 4 or 6 wheels, Large Bore Mining Trucks, Fire Trucks with 6 wheels, Buses virtually anything with 6 wheels or 4 wheels .

The usual Talon Features apply with user setable alarms complete monitor features and accessories such as hard wire and cigarette power cables, auto backlight, monitor mounts /sticker kits etc

Setup as a 6 wheel TPMS. Shown displaying 6 wheels both Pressure and Temperature on one screen

Setup as a 4 wheel TPMS. Shown displaying 4 wheels both Pressure and Temperature on one screen

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