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HawksHead Systems are currently looking for Companies interested in becoming an Authorized Dealer of their products in the USA, Canada and Overseas.
This is an opportunity to get involved in many different industries such as Trucking, RV, Mining Industrial, Motorcycle, Agriculture, Motorsport and more.
With no ongoing sales minimums we are a non-pressure company.
We offer award winning and patented products for various markets along with Dealer Support.
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) is considered an environmental product reducing ones Carbon footprint, increases gas mileage and aides in tire management prolonging tire life and reducing tire emergencies.
Safety is dramatically improved by having the knowledge of current tire pressures and temperatures while driving.
Become an Authorized Dealer and should you wish, offer installation services to increase your income. Offer additional components and Parts for even more income.
Should you like to apply or get more information about Joining our Family of Dealers.
Please contact us here.
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