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T-Valve Adapters TPMS Standard Valve  (patented)

Patented T-Valve Adapter Standard Valve.
This is the Original HawksHead Patented T-Valve Adapter designed to allow the inflation of a tire without removing the sensor. Simply attach to your Metal Tire Valve.
No more plastic Flow Thru Sensors that are slow to fill and difficult to change batteries in.
These are engineered quality and weather resistant with chrome finish,  that are ideal for those hard to get to tire valves such as duallies and more.  These T-Valves measure a total length of 2" with valve cap. The one and only Patented T-Valve Adapter, watch out for immitations.

designed as an add on for metal valve stems such as those found on Semi Trucks, Motorhomes etc.

Not suitable for rubber tire valves etc.      
Increases Sensor seal life. Great for those hard to get to wheels or inside duals.  

Ideal to add HawksHead TPMS systems to Tire Auto Inflation Systems by attaching to the end of the hose and the tire valve it allows the addition of a HawksHead Sensor to the extra adapter port.

T-Valve Adapters Large Bore Tire Valve  (patented)


Designed for Large Bore Tire Valve Applications such as Mining Trucks and Industrial equipment
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