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My wife bought me the Hawkshead Talon 22 for my Birthday a couple of seasons ago.    Because it was winter, I didn’t use it right away but come the spring, I got the system all hooked up and really enjoyed having the pressure and temperature information at hand when driving that first summer.  The next season, that dreaded time came where I needed to replace 6 of 8 tires on my Class A gasser.   As with most new tire installations, you need to check the torque of the lug nuts after a period of miles to make sure that they are still tight.  On my first trip of the new season, I decided to pull into a fairly well known tire chain to ask if they could do this for me.  The technician dutifully removed wheel  covers and proceeded to check the torque and all was well.  Off I went towards my destination.  It wasn’t long however before my Talon 22, alerted me to a problem.  My right inside dually was losing pressure slowly but steadily.  Of course by this time, I was on a tight winding stretch of 2 lane road where turning around wasn’t much of an option and neither was pulling off.   I decided the best course was to press on to the next town which I made after about 10-15 mins.  I pulled into another branch of the same tire chain.  By that time, the tire pressure had gone from 90 lbs down to 50 lbs (about 30 mins).   The problem turned out to be the valve extender.  Somehow the first tech had managed to loosen it so that it was leaking.  If it hadn’t been for the Hawkshead TPMS system, I would have driven oblivious  to the problem, very likely damaging a brand new tire and possibly worse.   Not only did the Talon 22  alert me to the problem, it allowed me to gauge the seriousness and take appropriate action before any real danger was incurred.  It paid for itself in that one instance.  When driving the equivalent of a transit bus down the road, you have an awful lot riding on some layers of rubber separating you from the ground.  The potential for a disaster can be enormous not only for yourself and family, but for other drivers on the road.  Hawkshead saved me that day.  My Talon 22 is part of my essentials for RV travel and I am unreserved in my recommendation of the system for all RV’ers


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