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Finally a quality tire pressure monitoring systems at an affordable price.. The system  comes in different styles to handle 2, 3 or 4 wheels. Perfect for your Motorcycle, Bicycle, Can-Am, Trike or Quad. The High Power Moto-Track Sensors complete with battery and lock are the lightest on the market. The sensors have easily replaceable batteries and will not affect the balance.
Visual, audible and monitor vibration alert the rider of any problems in real time so immediate action can be taken. This system measure tire pressures and tire temperatures and has alarms that can be set by the operator for different front and rear tire pressure and temperature settings.
One of the big features is that the sensors with lock and battery only weigh around 10 grams and their batteries can be easily replaced so there is no need to throw the sensors away and buy new ones when the battery dies like with other systems. Theres no need for those Monster sensors associated with short range Bluetooth systems. The sensors mount directly on the tire valves unlike internal sensors that have high installation costs where the tires have to be removed for installation and sensor replacement..
With internal sensors you end up losing the system when you trade your bike in. With the Moto-Track you just mount your system on your new machine. Installation takes less than 10 minutes and is very easy. The monitor is powered by a single AAA battery, there is no need to cut into the harness for hard wired monitor power supplies. Comes complete with built in sensor locks and everything you need to monitor your motorcycle, quad or bicycle tires for pressure and temperature. Play it safe with the MOTO-TRACK TPMS system
Super Fast Install takes less than 5 minutes. Super Low Price. Has key ring mount. Velcro it to your machine Lanyard it around your neck.  
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